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4.juni 2005,
homo elektrik



HOMO ELEKTRIK text published in the ALL-dokumentation about the Raumerweiterungshalle in the west of Leipzig, 2006.

"if there is a cure for this we don't want it"

"H.E. - what's that?"

homo elektrik is a group of polysexual people trying to break new ground in their homebase leipzig and elsewhere for queer minimal trans-identity techno, mixing their musical preferences (minielektrotek) with their sexual politics. homo elektrik has no residency, homo elektrik wanders freely, infecting new spaces with its highly intoxicating agenda in a non-commercial way. (to quote thomas dolby: "and all the while you still believed/ believed you were immune")

since 2001 the "homo elektrik" collective has organized a lot of events, mostly with a non-commercial background, always occupying new areas, outside and inside. since 3 years homo elektrik is hosting a night at the fusion festival, in order to bring their political/cultural party concept mixed with queer practices to others. (fusion-festival.de)

territoriALL extensions - H.E. in the R.E.H.

In cooperation with a.l.l., homo elektrik played the Raumerweiterungshalle which had just been re-installed on a fallow ground in the industrial area of West Leipzig in June 2005. The sensitive skin of the structure's fragile body had only been unveiled some couple of hours before the event; the doors of the truck housing the mobile bar were flung wide open, plugs jacked into the power unit, here we go: boom, boom, boom - welcome to the neighbourhood!

with the "terrtoriALL extensions - you and me and I" opening at the Raumerweiterungshalle, homo elektrik and their guests had the opportunity to explore the conditions and possibilities of the re-appropriation of abandoned urban spaces through contemporary techno music. Meanwhile, you could consider the question whether you can actually dance architecture. The relationship between the inside and outside of temporary architecture became a metaphor for external and internal images of our bodies.

But there were more things to considered: Why is there a Volvo on the flyer? Why do we have to extend the spheres of influence of our daily lived queer lives to shrinking districts? Just what is the meaning of this huge Fusion writing down at the tram station? Do you when Tina's coming over? When will the rocket rise again? By the way: has someone seen any cops around tonight?

Some acceptable, some semi-intelligible answers to these and other questions were developed by audience themselves, by dancing freely in and around the r.e.h. well into the next day.

artists of the homo elektrik collective

karsten moss live! [mikrodisko.net] resom [giroton leipzig] qiu [psuescho.de] boys'r'us [mikrodsiko.net] mix mup live! [erkrankung durch musique leipzig: zyklorenz.com/erkrankung.net] tinnitussi [homoelektrik.de] demian/demianduplikat [denke denke rec. kellermusik.de] volt ctrl [mikrodisko.net]
visuals: leistungsgmbH, grit hachmeister, sophie von stillfried, shrink schrank

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for more info like interviews, dj-sets, pics, a full event-o-graphy, weekly updates and a hitec message board klick www.homoelektrik.de, please